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Month: February 2022

InAIBehavioral Biometrics

If Using Facial Recognition Software for Workforce Authentication, STOP

When the pandemic forced millions of employees to suddenly work from home, it came at a huge cost to company security β€” leaving IT security teams unprepared to scale their data security responsibilities. To protect their companies, some turned to stricter protocols to better monitor internal threats, including verifying employee identities with facial recognition software….
InActiveLock Continuous Endpoint Authentication (CEA)Remote Workforce Authentication

Enhancing next-generation security with continuous authentication: XDR explained

As cyber threats have evolved, so has the security landscape β€” with incredible resources being allocated to protect company assets and keep bad actors at bay. Endpoint security today has seen a transition from endpoint detection and response (EDR) to extended detection and response (XDR), which pushes the capabilities of EDR and offers holistic protection for endpoints, networks, and enterprise workloads.
InActiveLock Continuous Endpoint Authentication (CEA)Remote Workforce Authentication

How the BPO Industry Safeguards Data When Employees Work Remotely

Prior to 2020, many in the BPO industry had never even considered working from home. In fact, most BPO companies historically operated out of an office with dedicated equipment and established security practices. But the pandemic changed all that, and now nearly 66% of employees say they’re not going back.  With sensitive client data no…