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TypingDNA and Cursor Insight

TypingDNA and Cursor Insight Announce Strategic Alliance

[New York, USA and London, UK] — TypingDNA, a leader in typing biometrics technology, and Cursor Insight, a pioneer cursor motion-based behavior analytics, are excited to announce a new strategic alliance. This collaboration aims to explore innovative solutions and enhance technological advancements in the field of user behavior analysis. A Vision for the Future Through…

TypingDNA named leader in Frost & Sullivan’s 2023 Radar Report

Frost & Sullivan, a global market research firm named TypingDNA a Leader in the 2023 Global Biometric Verification Solutions research report.  The report identifies companies that show significant growth and innovation within the biometric verification market — marking a significant step for typing biometrics as a verification method alongside popular vendors. “Behavioral biometrics remains one…
How to prevent common types of social engineering attacks with behavioral biometrics
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How to prevent common types of social engineering attacks with behavioral biometrics

Enterprises can protect their sensitive information, customers, and employees from common types of social engineering attacks using behavioral biometrics for 2FA and continuous authentication. Behavioral biometrics verifies the identity of customers and business teams, preventing unauthorized users’ access to accounts and devices. In this article, we’ll look into social engineering attacks and how they work…
Department of Defense Zero Trust Model and How To Comply With It
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What is the Department of Defense Zero Trust strategy 2022, and how to comply with it?

The US Department of Defense Zero Trust strategy means increased security across all government bodies by giving no inherent trust to any user accessing apps, networks, or systems. The DoD Zero Trust strategy enables the transition from static, network-based security to a more dynamic collection of cybersecurity practices. Read on to find out what a…
How to secure BYOD devices with continuous endpoint authentication
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BYOD Security: Reducing Enterprise Risk With Continuous Endpoint Authentication

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device and is a practice in which personal devices are used to complete work-related tasks. BYOD has both pros and cons. On the one hand, BYOD can increase productivity and lower costs for enterprises and their employees. On the flip side, allowing contractors or employees to use their personal…
Enable Seamless Authentication using TypingDNA integration with WSO2 CIAM Identity Server
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WSO2 Integrates TypingDNA for Seamless User Authentication

On August 18, 2022 TypingDNA became a WSO2 Technology Partner, integrating the proprietary typing biometrics Authentication API into the WSO2 CIAM Platform.  WSO2 customers can now leverage typing biometrics as an additional layer of robust protection against sophisticated cyber threats — ensuring secure and user-friendly authentication throughout every customers’ journey. TypingDNA’s Authentication API integration is…
What are insider threats? Definition, types, threat cost and mitigation
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Insider Threats To Watch Out for With a Remote Workforce

Insider threats include individuals within an organization who purposely or by mistake expose company information. Because proprietary data, customer information, and trade secrets are the heart and soul of any enterprise, security systems and processes to reduce insider threats are essential. Surprisingly, most insider threats result from negligent employees, such as those working remotely, who…