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Month: April 2022

Remote call center equipment for customer data security
InActiveLock Continuous Endpoint Authentication (CEA)Remote Workforce Authentication

Working from home call center equipment to ensure customer data security

From laptops to headphones, call center employees working remotely require the right equipment to be successful. But working from home presents an even bigger challenge: sensitive customer data is now spread across thousands of company laptops — so knowing who is accessing your company’s devices at all times becomes increasingly important.  Below, we explore why…
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Expert Insights Awards TypingDNA Best of Zero Trust Solutions, Plus 2 More Cybersecurity Categories

On April 12th, 2022, Expert Insights announced their “Best Of” Cybersecurity awards — declaring TypingDNA as the winner across 3 major categories.  Expert Insights declared TypingDNA as the winner across 3 cybersecurity categories: Best of Zero Trust Security (ActiveLock) Best of Multi-Factor Authentication (Verify 2FA) Best of Biometric Authentication (ActiveLock and Verify 2FA) Expert Insights…