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Month: July 2022

The complete guide to Vue.js User Authentication with Verify2FA and Crud App
InBuilt with TypingDNAGuest Author ProgramVerify 2FA

How to build an authentication flow in a CRUD app with Vue 3 and TypingDNA Verify 2FA

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use TypingDNA Verify 2FA to secure a CRUD application. This application was built with Vue, Quasar, Express, and TypingDNA Verify 2FA. It is a single-page application that has the following views: VerifyView, HomeView. The VerifyView is where you will use TypingDNA Verify to verify the user’s typing…
5 PCI DSS Compliance Requirement for remote access
InCompliance RegulationsRemote Workforce AuthenticationSCA/PSD2

PCI DSS Compliance Requirements for Remote Work: 5 Things You Must Know

If your business handles credit card and payment information, you’re responsible for keeping that cardholder data secured by obeying the Payment and Card Information Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance requirements. But when your workforce is remote and your endpoints are unprotected, keeping that data safe is an unprecedented challenge facing today’s security teams.  As more…