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Join the TypingDNA Hackathon and experience the frictionless authentication wave

If you have ever wondered what you would do if you could recognize people by the way they type, now is the time!

We are excited to announce the TypingDNA Hackathon, an open contest for anyone who is up for a challenge and wants to experience the frictionless authentication wave.

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What is typing biometrics authentication?

TypingDNA’s authentication engine recognizes users based on the way they type by capturing keystroke dynamics statistics about keys a user presses, press and release times, and sensor data related to mobile device movements and uses proprietary AI algorithms to authenticate them.

The hackathon theme

The theme of the hackathon is no barriers to creativity. Be as inventive as you wish and build anything—including apps and websites—by turning your own ideas into projects and using TypingDNA’s typing biometrics authentication API

The timeline

All submissions will be judged by an expert jury starting November 1. Winners will be announced on November 15.

Submission deadline

What’s in it for you?

Sign up for the contest to learn more about typing biometrics technology, get direct feedback from the TypingDNA team, have the chance to have your project featured on TypingDNA’s social channels, and win prizes of a total overall value of $110.000.

Are you ready? 

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To learn more about the TypingDNA Hackathon and to submit your projects, go to

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Good luck!