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TypingDNA launches ActiveLock, a continuous authentication solution to prevent unauthorized use of company computers

We are thrilled to introduce TypingDNA ActiveLock, a typing biometrics-based continuous authentication technology that prevents unauthorized users from accessing company equipment and offers real-time biometric-level security without impacting the employee experience. 

Protection for the modern workforce

ActiveLock continuous authentication ensures each person in front of the computer is the true authorized user and is designed to prevent threats that arise with remote work, such as fraud, device sharing, and unattended devices. ActiveLock constantly verifies user identities by the way they type on their keyboard. If an unauthorized typing pattern is detected, ActiveLock instantly locks the company desktop or laptop to protect your sensitive data.

TypingDNA launches ActiveLock continuous user authentication solution

After years of extensive research by TypingDNA, ActiveLock is now available to continuously authenticate users based on a proprietary technology analyzing users’ typing patterns. If unauthorized users are detected, ActiveLock can either take an instant action to lock the device or trigger a silent alert.

Insider threats, both malicious and negligent, have seen a year-over-year increase of more than 50%, costing businesses an average of $13.3 million dollars per incident in 2021. As the employees’ environment continues to shift to a remote setting, insider threats and account takeover pose a new challenge for organizations as fraud, monetary gains, and IP theft are the three most underlying reasons behind it. ActiveLock protects against unauthorized users accessing sensitive or privileged information on company computers while working on both Windows and macOS devices. 

Next-gen continuous authentication technology with behavioural biometrics

Complement your Zero Trust strategy with ActiveLock

TypingDNA’s solution represents the next generation of the zero-trust security model, closing the gap in insider threat defense offering visibility on user behavior and privileged user accounts management. The patent-pending solution provides real-time protection against malicious actors while offering a seamless user experience based on non-intrusive typing behavior analysis.

Zero trust security with continuous authentication solution

Instead of requiring users to repeatedly authenticate themselves throughout the day, ActiveLock works in the background to passively authenticate the employee or contractor whenever they are using a company computer. This does not require users to authenticate repeatedly but performs a state-of-the-art typing biometrics analysis confronting previously registered typing patterns to extend the authentication token. TypingDNA’s solution is privacy-focused and only analyzes HOW users type, not WHAT they type, providing strong authentication security while protecting individuals’ privacy.

ActiveLock offers a new breed of endpoint protection for organizations operating in industries such as BPO, financial services, government, and customer services where sensitive customer data and company IP must be protected with next-generation security standards. 

Get ActiveLock Today for Free 

TyingDNA ActiveLock is designed to support large organizations’ needs and can be used as a stand-alone solution or embedded in existing software. Organizations looking to deploy ActiveLock can learn more on our product page, or download a complimentary license below to see how the solution works 👇