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NY DMV approves keystroke analysis as a validation method

In the United States, biometrics—including typing biometrics—represent a successful authentication and identity validation technique to compliance requirements. 

Student identity validation based on typing biometrics

The New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) was one of the first in the U.S. to approve typing biometrics as a compliant technique for student identity validation. In Part 141 of DMV Commissioner’s Regulations, the DMV explicitly mentions keystroke analysis as an identity validation method as part of the Alternate Delivery Method. 

Specifically, for online accident prevention courses—officially known as the Internet Point Insurance Reduction Program—the DMV has assigned point values to numerous validation techniques. The specific methods chosen are based on each sponsor’s solution and biometrics must include methods such as keystroke analysis, facial recognition, or voice or fingerprint authentication.  
The Internet/interactive delivery-specific requirements note that all ADM courses that do not use the Internet or other interactive delivery and biometric identification validation will be required to include a proctored exam, in addition to the personal and/or content questions asked during the course.

It is expected that most of the DMV’s regulations governing accident prevention courses delivered via the Internet will integrate biometric technology for identity validation and verification. Over time, other industries will almost certainly follow and new government applications and use cases will emerge. 

In the coming years, biometric technology for identity validation purposes is expected to grow substantially, especially with recent developments in service-oriented architecture for biometrics. 

Latest advances in machine learning have enabled the development of TypingDNA’s proprietary AI-powered typing pattern recognition technology. The company’s products are used by MOOCs and universities to provide reliable and accurate student verification and authentication.

Furthermore, the Authentication API provided by TypingDNA integrates with existing learning management systems and includes customizable risk thresholds to suit security needs while meeting regulatory requirements for keystroke dynamics authentication. 

For more, read this case study to find out Improv Traffic School meets DMV compliance requirements with TypingDNA.