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FAQs – How do we ensure customers’ privacy?

To remain compliant with recent data protection regulations such as GDPR, CCPA or NY Privacy Act, companies must ensure customers’ privacy and protect personal information, at all costs.

At TypingDNA we made the necessary compliance steps, ensuring that we deal with the privacy of our customers properly.

Identity stays with the person, so does privacy

Typing biometrics is a form of behavioral biometrics, looking at the way users type and interact with the device, including metrics such as key press and release times. 

A  typing pattern is an abstract numeric representation of typing behavior that can not be directly associated with the person who generated it. So, the user’s identity stays with the customer, protecting privacy. 

Data handling

Our clients include some of the largest online banks in the world, global proctoring services, as well as SAAS providers. To efficiently integrate our authentication products to serve millions of our clients’ users, we offer flexible data storage options.

  1. Use our general cloud service for any authentication requests
  2. Use a private cloud dedicated server for a single client

We value customers’ privacy the most, for any information, feel free to contact us.