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FAQs – Why TypingDNA’s typing biometrics authentication is highly-accurate?

TypingDNA’s typing biometrics authentication is highly-accurate, minimizing the risk of online fraud. As an AI-driven behavioral-based technology it can be applied for seamless authentication in areas such as financial services, insurance, and online learning.

Accuracy and parameters

Users type in many different ways either because they forget their passwords, or they might type awkwardly at times. This variation can impact both false-rejection and false-acceptance rates.

In an authentication scenario, a high false-rejection rate (FRR) means rejecting the right user, which does not effectively ensure authentication. Just as inadequate, a high false acceptance rate (FAR) grants unauthorized access to a protected account.

To provide the desired authentication accuracy, we customized our offer of possible algorithms to optimize for user-friendliness and security.

1. The best user experience – using the lowest FRR provides a user-friendly process.

2. The highest security – the lowest FAR prevents fraud at the highest security level.

3. A balanced approach – the best overall accuracy.

typing biometrics authentication is highly-accurate

Typing biometrics algorithms

Customers can also choose to use same text or any text algorithms, depending on their needs for authentication.

Same text – requires a smaller typing sample, only around 20-30 characters, to ensure accurate authentication. Users type the same text they typed during their first enrollment when they authenticate to their accounts.

Any text – the technology requires a longer typing sample. For example, a user would type 130-160 characters during enrollment and could be authenticated by typing another 130-160 characters. 

Number of enrollments

A one-time enrollment of a tweet-long typing sample should suffice to recognize a person based on how they type. However, the more enrollments, the better the accuracy of the authentication. Saving and adding high score patterns to a user’s profile betters the overall accuracy for authenticating the specific user. This generates a comprehensive image of the user’s typing behavior including fluctuations in patterns.

MFA always

Although typing biometrics authentication is highly-accurate, we always recommend the use of an additional security factor such as one-time passcodes (OTP). Besides providing great security, a robust multi-factor authentication solution such as TypingDNA’s MFA also prevents fraudulent enrollment.

Check out this demo to see how typing biometrics authentication works.