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Introducing TypingDNA Authenticator

TypingDNA, a Techstars NYC W’18 company, has launched a new solution that is intended to simplify the 2-step authentication process. The TypingDNA Authenticator Chrome extension runs on the user’s PC. This provides a viable alternative to using the mobile only Google Authenticator.

Users who install the Chrome extension will no longer need to use their mobile device as part of their 2FA (Two Factor Authentication). Instead, TypingDNA’s proprietary typing biometrics technology adds the security of 2FA to the convenience of getting verified directly in the browser.


Frictionless and free forever

For developers, it offers the ability to significantly reduce their login time while ensuring that their cloud hosting, VPNs and all other related services remain secure.

Cryptocurrency wallet transactions are also dramatically sped up because it is no longer necessary to switch devices in order to complete the 2FA process on Coinbase, Binance, Poloniex and others. The same benefits are made available to any Chrome user who currently utilizes 2-step authentication for services such as Dropbox, Gmail, Facebook and +1000 more.

“At TypingDNA, we believe that stronger authentication should be seamless and everywhere, that’s why we want to allow the end users to have this technology free of charge. On the other side our technology is available through an API for deep integration in online applications.” – Raul Popa, CEO TypingDNA

AI-based typing pattern recognition behind the scenes

Traditional phone-based authenticators use the exclusive ownership of a device as a way to make sure that only the right person has access to the OTP (One Time Password) codes. TypingDNA Authenticator uses proprietary technology to verify users’ identities based on their typing pattern.

Typing biometrics is an exceptionally strong biometric since typing behaviour is much harder to replicate than most physical attributes. Moreover, latest developments in AI greatly improve the accuracy of authentication algorithms, driving a fast adoption of this technology.

To enhance the usability of the Google Chrome extension, TypingDNA has also added the ability to quickly grab 2FA QR codes from any page and auto-fill verification codes with one-click, along with providing secret keys vault functionality.

Get your hands on the new, easy to use TypingDNA Authenticator by downloading it for free from the Chrome webstore. To learn more, visit the TypingDNA Authenticator page.

About TypingDNA

TypingDNA is a cybersecurity company developing typing biometrics technology and deploying it in settings like online learning and financial services.TypingDNA uses behavioral biometrics to identify people wherever they type, whatever they type. This solution helps prevent identity fraud and other fraudulent activities online. The SaaS behavioral biometrics company is a winner of the EUTOP50 Driving the Future of Tech in Europe awards.