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TypingDNA’s latest behavioral biometrics breakthrough speeds up the authentication process

New typing biometrics solution requires fewer keystrokes

EU Romania, Oradea – December 11, 2017 – TypingDNA’s latest breakthrough in behavioral biometrics can identify people based on how they type short, repetitive texts. For example, this technology provides a secondary form of login authentication for users who enter their email address and password. The new typing biometrics solution also works well when a consumer enters their credit card credentials while performing an online transaction.

This TypingDNA product breaks new ground by being able to authenticate users the second time they enter their applicable details. The new method of behavioral based customer’s typing patterns is compatible with mobile and desktop devices.

Any website with authentication needs can use typing biometrics

TypingDNA’s authentication solutions are all compliant with the latest regulations for authentication. There are numerous advantages of using typing biometrics over other authentication methods. For example, devices and knowledge can be stolen, but stealing someone’s typing pattern is practically impossible. Duplicating them would be even harder because no one has the exact same typing behavior.

The strength of typing biometrics makes it ideal for a variety of financial services, including payments made via chat bots or messaging apps that feature P2P payments such as Facebook.

Aside from securing the login process for financial services and P2P payments, TypingDNA’s latest authentication solution offers high quality identity verification for any site where logins happen, ranging from Facebook and PayPal all the way to gaming sites.

Password recovery is often the weakest link in a website’s security chain. Typing biometrics can go to work there as well by skipping easily guessed security questions in lieu of having the user provide a short typing sample. This can be as simple and non-invasive as a user being asked to type their email address, which is then checked against the user’s known typing style.

Easy integration and satisfied users

The latest solution from TypingDNA uses the company’s existing integration API to provide a simple and painless process. Users also benefit from enhanced account security without jumping through hoops. In other words, TypingDNA makes it possible to be secure, compliant (e.g. with PSD2) and offer a great user experience.

User typing samples can easily be collected passively, which makes it simple to differentiate between registered users and fraudsters. There’s also no special equipment to buy, and browsers and apps won’t require any plugins or additional permissions. Finally, typing is much less invasive than other biometric verification methods, making TypingDNA’s solutions a win-win for everyone.

Try a free demo to see how typing biometrics can help your company

Businesses interested in learning more about typing biometrics and the latest technology from TypingDNA are invited to see quick and free demos about login authentication and credit card security. Companies ready to integrate this innovative solution via TypingDNA’s easy to use API are invited to sign up today for a developer account.

About TypingDNA

TypingDNA is an established, innovative behavioral biometrics SaaS company that offers highly accurate typing biometrics solutions. This AI-based technology makes it easier to prevent fraudulent activity such as identity fraud, through keystroke dynamics. TypingDNA’s existing commercialized product recognizes people based on the way they type, which offers a non-obtrusive security measure that doesn’t require any special equipment.

The company’s approach to login authentication has garnered a lot of praise, including being named the Best Newcomer Company from the CESA Regional Awards and earning a spot on the EUTOP50 for Driving the Future of Tech in Europe.