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TypingDNA announced expanded typing biometrics authentication for mobile at Gartner IAM Summit 2019

Gartner IAM Summit 2019, Las Vegas, NV, December 10, 2019  – TypingDNA today announced expanding proprietary typing biometrics technology for mobile-based authentication from the Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit.

As a leading typing biometrics SaaS company, TypingDNA delivers front-line security through frictionless authentication solutions based on one of the most available biometric on smartphones, which is the way people type. By analyzing keystroke times and mobile sensory data, TypingDNA captures typing patterns and matches them with previous samples to authenticate users without adding effort to the process. 

TypingDNA’s seamless mobile authentication is suitable for native implementations on iOS, Android and, React Native. It can be deployed in a variety of use cases such as two-factor and multi-factor authentication (2FA & MFA) for customer-centric security, as well as in SaaS-delivered IAMs integrations, and for SSOs. 

Keystroke dynamics and mobile sensory data can be used for strong authentication on mobiles with stellar user experience.

Due to a continuous worldwide increase in the number of smartphone users and growing mobile authentication requirements in areas such as banking, we have decided to spread our authentication capabilities to mobile. This way, we ensured enabling our clients to deliver a mobile-first approach in authenticating their users, said Raul Popa, CEO, and co-founder of TypingDNA. Innovative account security is provided with an unprecedented accuracy based on proprietary AI technology, making typing biometrics a good fit for authentication in a secure and customer-friendly way, added Raul Popa. 

Raul Popa, CEO and co-founder of TypingDNA

TypingDNA’s authentication is currently used in industries such as banking, financial services, insurance, and identity verification for online learning organizations. The fact that EBA has recently approved keystroke dynamics as a compliant method of authentication under PSD2’s SCA requirements, further confirms typing biometrics authentication as a suitable alternative for the banking industry use case. TypingDNA’s behavioral biometrics technology is fully customizable and easy to scale, equally benefiting small and large enterprises alike.

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About TypingDNA

TypingDNA (a Techstars-backed company) is a behavioral biometrics SaaS company that authenticates users based on how they type on PCs and mobile devices. The company’s AI-based technology makes it easier to prevent fraudulent activity such as identity theft through typing biometrics authentication. Organizations around the world use the company’s innovative typing biometrics technology to improve online security through passive and frictionless authentication. Try a quick online demo