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TypingDNA Focus, a unique app to help users improve productivity by analyzing their typing patterns

We are thrilled to announce the launching of the research phase for TypingDNA Focus, a unique app using a new typing biometrics technology to help users better understand their state of mind and leverage data for better focus and to improve productivity. 

In 2016 TypingDNA started developing its core, proprietary AI algorithms trained to analyze human typing behavior to understand users’ device interaction better and transform the typing patterns into compelling metrics and data. With Focus, we continue this endeavour. 

Studies show that more and more individuals experience burnout, high anxiety, stress levels, and the inability to focus on tasks and get productive. 

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, stress over a long period leads to anxiety and depression, disorders associated with severe chronic diseases. Reports from the World Health Organization (WHO) indicate depression to become a primary reason for disability worldwide by 2030, while today, more than 16% of the global population is affected by it. 

TypingDNA Focus aims to enrich individual experiences helping users better understand how and when they focus and gain visibility and control over the stressful periods during a day. Additionally, users will gain insights based on their typing behavior and see weekly trends, daily activity breakdown, engage window, focus levels, and immediate mood analysis.

TypingDNA is on a mission to add value and improve people’s lives everywhere they type. While the main business direction remains to secure authentication based on how people type, TypingDNA gradually expands its expertise to make various typing biometrics technologies available across a multitude of industries and use cases.