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TypingDNA launches Verify 2FA, a smart typing biometrics-based authentication alternative to replace SMS OTP

We are thrilled to announce the launch of TypingDNA Verify, a smarter 2FA solution that replaces SMS codes, improving the user experience while reducing costs by an order of magnitude.

To solve user authentication by minimizing user effort and friction while keeping accounts safe, TypingDNA has developed Verify, a seamless authentication method replacing SMS one-time passwords (OTPs) with typing biometrics. 

TypingDNA Verify has been designed to lower SMS 2FA codes costs by an order of magnitude, enabling smarter and easier user authentication while preserving 2FA-level security. 

The patent-pending solution replaces SMS OTP’s as a second factor with a few words typed by the users in a popup, which reveals their typing ‘DNA’. 

Once verified, the system continues the desired action. Alternatively, an OTP is shown, integrating rapidly with any existing application workflow. The smart authentication mechanism will only send SMS codes to establish a  root of trust — and not the de facto authentication method. 

According to recent research, 73 percent percent of consumers say that the process should happen instantaneously when trying to create an account. Furthermore, an overwhelming majority (92 percent) expect a fast, frictionless experience. 

While SMS OTP’s revolutionized the security best practices decades ago, the method reaches its limits — especially in fast-paced industries where the user experience is the primary standard. 

Companies deploying authentication methods that are easy to use and enable seamless and secure customer experiences will capitalize on the benefits of a satisfied, loyal consumer base.

TypingDNA Verify relies on a state-of-the-art authentication engine using AI-based algorithms to verify typing patterns and select the best key phrases that enable higher matching accuracy on short texts. This delivers stealth security thanks to TypingDNA’s highly regarded typing biometrics technology coupled with keyphrases of high complexity regarding the number of different characters and how they are laid out on the keyboard.

The smart, user-friendly authentication — which replaces SMS 2FA codes — will be available for just 1 cent per active user per month, regardless of the number of typing biometrics verifications. 

TyingDNA Verify is designed to support large numbers of authentications per month. The first companies to integrate the service will get access free of charge for the first year for up to 100,000 end users.

To learn more, see a demo, or integrate immediately, check out the product page.