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TypingDNA is operating in compliance with several ISO standards

TypingDNA’s mission to innovate the authentication methods commenced with a focus on client data safety while embracing the principles of security by design. The latest certifications confirm our privacy and security mindset. 

TypingDNA is glad to announce compliance with International Organization for Standardization – ISO standards. Following the thorough audits performed by TÜV Austria, the company has achieved needed recommendations to fulfill high standards of quality (ISO 9001), information, and security management (ISO 27001), information security for cloud services (ISO 27017), and the protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in line with the privacy principles (ISO 27018).

Following the ISO 9001 certification, TypingDNA’s has further improved the offered services so current and future clients and partners will benefit from 

  • Reliable, high-quality services
  • A prime focus on customer satisfaction
  • Rapid and efficient actions on customer feedback 
  • Pre-Emptive planning to address issues before they generate damages
  • Improved and fine-tuned internal processes delivering timely actions
  • General methods of continuous improvement

TypingDNA compliance ISO

Moreover, with the ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System certification, TypingDNA is managing the security of assets such as information entrusted to the company by third parties as well as financial information, intellectual property, and employee details.

With the ISO 27017:2015 certification, TypignDNA follows the guidelines for information security controls applicable to the provision and use of cloud services. Specifically, the controls and recommendations are based on risk assessment and refer to cloud service providers and cloud service customers.

The ISO 27018:2014 certification guarantees TypingDNA is acting by the regulatory requirements to protect Personally Identifiable Information applicable in the context of information security risk environment(s) of public cloud services.

TypingDNA is endeavoring to ensure its partners’ and clients’ of high-quality services and data protection under strict supervision while keeping a high focus on innovating the behavioral biometrics authentication field.