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Tremend launches observED, a Moodle plugin for automated proctoring, using TypingDNA typing biometrics

We are happy to announce that TypingDNA has partnered with Tremend, one of the most dynamic Romanian software engineering companies in Europe, to provide our typing biometrics technology within their observED, an automated proctoring instrument available for e-learning providers through Moodle.  

Moodle is a global open source learning management platform (LMS) that enables schools, universities, and other educational institutions to teach and assess students in an effective way. The observED solution works as a Moodle plugin, offering a unified approach to ensuring the integrity of the educational process, by preventing fraud and academic dishonesty when a student performs an activity on an online learning platform. 

What is Tremend’s observED?

The observED app provides a complete analysis of the user behavior throughout courses and examinations, flagging and informing the examiner about any suspicious activity. The observED app leverages Tremend’s software solutions that analyze data from embedded video cameras and browsing history, as well as users’ typing behavior and device-interactions, powered by TypingDNA’s typing biometrics technology.

Typing biometrics authentication for student identity validation

typing biometrics used by Tremend observED in Moodle
Student identity validation with typing biometrics used by observED in Moodle

Typing biometrics, also known as keystroke dynamics, is an innovative behavioral biometrics technology that can authenticate a person based on the way they type on a keyboard. The frictionless nature of the technology means that users don’t have to take any additional steps to be authenticated. Instead, typing biometrics authentication follows the inherent user-device interactions, and analyzes recorded data using proprietary TypingDNA algorithms. Learn more about typing biometrics.

In today’s challenging environment, over 60% of the world’s student population has been affected by nationwide school closures. This reality sends an alarming message to technology companies to take action to help learning providers transition online while ensuring optimal educational experiences.

Through observED, the result of Tremend and TypingDNA partnership, we hope more learning providers will make use of the key advantage that typing biometrics authentication for student identity validation delivers, which is wide accessibility, as it works with just a keyboard and minimal bandwidth internet connection.